While the topic of security was of minor significance in traditional telephony, it can no longer be neglected during the integration into the IP world without becoming guilty of gross negligence. Anyone who intends to protect their VoIP installations should be familiar both with the impending threats and the counter-measures.

This course systematically analyzes points of attack of VoIP and explains the available protective measures on the network and application layer. The latter are then weighted on the basis of the different VoIP architectures. 



VoIP Security Training is an essential skill for you and your team. Securing VoIP infrastructure and SIP security is a critical component of enterprise IT security strategy.  Today many corporations are discovering too late that their VoIP infrastructure is unsecured. Join our team of expert VoIP/SIP engineers for this hands on, up to date, and real world workshop.

The course has a 21-hour duration and consists of workbooks, lessons, discussion material, exercises, assessments and class managed tools.

Profound know-how of the TCP/IP protocol and common LAN technologies is required. Attendees should be familiar with security concepts, such as encryption and authentication.  Sound basic knowledge of VoIP is also a prerequisite. 

At the end of the course, attendees will be able to provide adequate VoIP security in their own future projects.



– Basics
– Attacks on VoIP
– Security measures in the LAN
– Securing Connections
– VoIP Security in the Provider Network
– Integration into the security infrastructure


Who should attend

Anyone involved in VoIP & SIP deployments needs to attend this training course.This is simply no longer an “optional” topic that can be left to others within the IT security teams. Far too many VoIP/SIP threats are emerging that demand a detailed understanding of RTP & SIP deployment architectures. The threat profile is growing even more rapidly that deployments and breaches in enterprise VoIP security are happening now.

The course is also ideal for designers and technicians responsible for the design and implementation of VoIP installations.

People that might be interested are:

Cisco trained technicians,
Contact Center IT & Telephony staff,
IT Consultants, IT Managers,
IT Security personnel,
IT Technicians,
Java Developers,
Network Technicians,
Product verification personnel,
Project Managers,
Telephony technicians,
VoIP technicians.


Seminar Details

Dates: 21/05/2019 – 23/05/2019
Time: 09:00 – 17:00
Place: Nicosia
Duration: 21 hours
Language: English and Greek
Cost: 650 euro (HRDA subsidy eligible candidates only pay 293 euro) plus VAT
Special discount for non-subsidy eligible candidates