Cybersecurity for Business

In light of the repeated cyber-attacks against business, especially small to medium size business, this seminar aims to educate organizations to secure a more resilient cyber security and ensure digital data protection.

The seminar focuses on informing users of digital technology about basic security systems, identifying digital risks, and more effectively dealing with malicious cyber threats/intrusions. It teaches methods and strategies suitable for quickly responding to attacks / challenges, while at the same time emphasizing to good practices that business should follow. 

  • Threat Actors and the evolving threat landscape
    -Regulatory landscape
    -Crown jewels
    -Critical Assets
    -Personal Data
  • Email scams recognise and avoid, fight against malware and viruses, ransomware, phishing, social engineering, most popular threats
  • Where is your organisation in its cyber security journey?
  • An attacker’s viewpoint of your organisation’s security posture
  • Lessons and industry insights
  • What keeps CEOs up anxious and alert
  • What we think they know Vs what they really know
  • Board expectations
  • How to create Board Awareness
  • Governance and the modern CISO
  • Reporting and Dashboards for Cyber
  • Understanding the complexity of cyber incidents
  • Decision making process during an incident
  • Identifying areas of improvement when it comes to crisis management
  • Cyber Crisis Management table top exercise

The seminar aims at Senior management and Executive members of management and possible the Board of directors, IT managers, Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), Information Security Officers (ISO), Risk managers, Compliance Managers, Members of Committees reporting to senior management and Executive Boards and other relevant professionals.

Days: To be announced


Duration: 7 ‘Ωρες
Cost: €141*
(Initial cost:
€260, HRDA Subsidy: €119)

*plus VAT on initial cost. Special discount for non-subsidy eligible candidates